Grown and processed in the USA


New-age remedies for active lifestyles


Our goal is to provide relief for as many people as we can. We have created a line of top-shelf CBD products that has something for everyone, even pets. HempX is run by people who break stigmas and live outside of the mold. Our custom formulated products and custom branding puts us far ahead of other companies. HempX is more than just CBD; it’s a lifestyle. We take pride in ensuring the safest and highest quality CBD extracts for our customers. HempX products are manufactured and packaged here in New England. You can have faith in the fact that we have crafted and handled our products throughout the manufacturing process, from seed to sale. Folks come to us raving about CBD and how it has changed their lives in a positive way. We are so happy and honored to provide our customers with these CBD products.  


We take the testing and quality of our CBD products very seriously, which is why we have a comprehensive set of tests performed regularly to ensure you are only getting the highest quality CBD, made right here in New England.


As the CBD craze continues to grow, and products are popping up everywhere, it can be hard to differentiate between quality products and things to avoid. The demand for hemp extracts is rapidly increasing in the United States, but, there is a limited supply of USA-grown hemp. Which results in imported, unsustainably grown hemp extract from places outside the country with no testing or quality control. At HempX we back our products 100% and always provide third-party lab results to ensure your trust. HempX is a New England based company from New Hampshire. It is our goal to provide customers with only the highest quality ingredients and extraction methods. We pride ourselves on knowing exactly where our CBD comes from. With on-going research about CBD and its benefits, we discover more and more ways to improve our products for our customers.