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All of our products are made with all-natural and organic ingredients


At Hemp X, we take pride in working with our exclusive Vermont hemp farm. Over the years we have specifically picked our genetics to ensure the safest CBD extracts for our customers. HempX CBD products are manufactured and packaged here in New England. You can have faith in the fact that we have seen, grown, and handled our products through the entire process. New research about CBD’s power to enhance the wellness of the human body is emerging every day. We hear from folks all the time telling us how CBD has changed their lives and we are so happy to be able to provide these premium CBD products. The demand for hemp extracts is rapidly increasing in the United States, however, there is still a limited supply of USA-Grown hemp. Resulting in imported, cheap, hemp extract from places like China and Eastern Europe with no testing done. HempX strives for transparency and guarantees third-party lab testing for every product ensuring purity.


As the CBD craze continues to grow, and products are popping up everywhere, it is hard to differentiate between quality products and things to avoid. At HempX we back our products 100% and always provide third-party lab results to ensure your trust. HempX is a New England based company in New Hampshire with a partnering Hemp farm in Vermont. It is our goal to provide customers with only the highest quality ingredients and extraction methods. We pride ourselves on knowing exactly where our CBD comes from. And with on-going research about CBD and its benefits, we discover more and more ways to improve our products for our customers.

Bradford Naturals


Bradford Naturals, our exclusive hemp farm located in the beautiful mountains of Bradford, Vermont. Operations at the farm are run by our primary, multigenerational farmer and grower, Milo. Our hemp is all 100% organically grown with our natural water coming from a mountain river on the property. This hemp is hand-tended to, cared for with natural methods, and grown with only organic nutrients every step of the way.


Our latest test results are in! Please download the latest heavy metals test and our pesticides test.


Daniele Boucher riding snowmobile

Daniele Boucher

Snowmobile Rider

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Ryan Tuerck

Pro Drift Car Racer

Tyler Sweeney

Tyler Sweeney

Mountain Biking / Supermoto

Steve Czarnota

Pro Motocross

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