Daniele Boucher

Backcountry Snowmobile / WaterX Snowmobile

Daniele Boucher riding snowmobile


Thanks to my father, being a “motorhead” was no option in our family. Powersports is all I have known since before I could walk. As my family and I have always rode snowmobiles, at 14 years old my dad and I took this sport to a new level by upgrading our trail sleds to backcountry snowmobiles. I am now 26 years old and my father is my best friend because of this sport! What motivates me is keeping up with the guys. Seeing how much bigger and stronger they are, is a mental push for me to give it my all and do what they can do. Last summer I was given the opportunity to join a ladies clinic for water cross racing snowmobiles! This experience gave me the knowledge needed to buy a waterX sled and continue my Winter hobby during Summer. My first race I took first place in Beginners Oval and my second race I took second place in Amateur Oval. The love I have for both of these sports simply comes from the adrenaline rush, and representing woman in a male-dominated sport. It is intimidating, but it is the best encouragement to continuously work on my skills. Thanks to my sponsors for making this happen, I can’t wait to continue excelling in both backcountry riding and waterx racing with the help of HempX!

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