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Kaitlyn suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and found relief from swollen, stiff, painful hands with HempX’s CBD Lotion.

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Q+A With Kaitlyn

HempX: What made you interested in HempX? Why were you interested in trying CBD?
Kaitlyn: I have seen it around and drove by many times. I have rheumatoid arthritis and also ride a motorcycle so I’m always sore and swollen. I was hoping to get some pain relief as well.

HempX: What product(s) did you purchase from HempX?
Kaitlyn: I mean what didn’t I purchase lol. I did the lotion, the bundle with the salve roll on and chapstick and the super soft warm hoodie and the water soluble tincture.

HempX: How often are you taking/using the product(s)?
Kaitlyn: Daily! I keep them in my purse 🤣 seriously I do!

HempX: Are you happy with the results? Did the product(s) work like you expected it to?
Kaitlyn: I am very happy. I wake up and my hands aren’t swollen. I’m able to move them like normal. My knees and back pain have been minimal. I can’t wait to keep these in my bags for riding season.

HempX: Had you tried any CBD products before HempX?
Kaitlyn: Yes and it didn’t work. Thanks amazon…

HempX: What did you enjoy most about the HempX product you purchased?
Kaitlyn: The smell. The fact I don’t get oily. The fact that I am pain and swelling free.

HempX: Will you continue to use CBD products, and if yes, will you continue with HempX?
Kaitlyn: Yes I will but I will only use HempX because I know it works!

HempX: Would you recommend HempX products to friends and family?
Kaitlyn: Yes and I have. I even shared with my motorcycle group. The women are very interested now.

HempX: On a scale of 1-5 how many stars would you rate the HempX product(s) you purchased?
Kaitlyn: Just 5? I give them 1 million stars!

HempX: Please leave an additional review or comments you may have about HempX below.
Kaitlyn: Stefanie is amazing! She has made getting my products easy and quick! The products work! They smell amazing! My body feels so much better. I feel so relieved. I wear my hoodie all the time! Honestly this is the best company for CBD. I can’t wait to order the tablets because the melatonin is next on my list.

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Kaitlyn: Ok so this is the very first product I purchased. I have arthritis and it can be very painful. I bought this lotion to give it a try because why not?! I noticed a huge difference in my hands after 20 mins. My fingers swell so bad and sometimes my fingers are so stiff I cannot bend them. I noticed in the first 20min my fingers didn’t look like sausages. Within an hour I was able to bend my fingers (which to some isn’t a big deal but when they are swollen and stiff the pain is over whelming). Given it another hour and my hands were back to normal. No stiffness. No pain. No swelling. I now use this every day. I put it on in the morning and then again right before bed. I wake up without swollen painful hands and I go all day and am able to do my desk job and more. I ended up ordering another bottle during the black friday sale because I don’t think I will be able to go on without this lotion! LOL this has been a life saver.