Find the right cbd for you

Find the Right CBD for You by Answering the Following Questions

CBD is available in an enormous amount of products and can be used in an intimidating amount of ways. The problem you’re trying to fix will help you to determine the right type of CBD product for you. CBD’s most popular benefits include anti-inflammatory properties, pain relief, stress and anxiety reduction, and improved sleep. While all CBD products can help in these areas, choosing the right type of product will help you get more target specific relief. 

There are several different methods of taking CBD including Orally, Sublingually, Topically, Inhaling, all of which have different bioavailability’s. Bioavailability is the degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream. Whatever you wish to try CBD for, HempX has a product for you! Here is an outline of which products to try for the relief you’re looking for.

Are You Looking For Pain Relief?

Such as joint pain, a bad back, or arthritis?  Try one of these:

Are You Looking to Reduce Inflammation? 

The MCT oil in our products possesses anti-inflammatory properties too! Try one of these:

Are You Looking For Better Sleep?

HempX PM Products Contain Melatonin, a Natural Sleep Hormone. Try one of these:

Are You Looking For Stress and/or Anxiety Relief?

Vaping has the fastest and highest bioavailability rate. Try one of these: 

Are You Looking For Sun Protection and Healthier Skin?

Use HempX Sunscreen pre-sun and our Soothe Body Lotion with Aloe for post-sun skincare. Try one of these:

Are You Looking For CBD For Pets?

CBD can calm stressed animals, improve cartilage and put pep back in older pets steps. Try one of these: