Pat Eddy

Pat has struggled with chronic pain due to a spinal condition called Arachnoiditis, plus rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, several joint replacements, nerve damage, and insomnia. Learn how CBD has helped her with pain management.

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Q+A With Pat Eddy

HempX: What made you interested in HempX products? Why were you interested in CBD?
Pat: I have used CBD products for the past 8-10 years. I have chronic pain from a spinal condition called arachnoiditis, plus rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, several joint replacements, nerve damage (neck and shoulders) from a snowmobile accident, and insomnia. I have tried several CBD companies but have never found a CBD that worked consistently and was affordable. My son connected me to HempX through his snowmobile community and I have been very thankful!

HempX: What product(s) did you purchase from HempX?
Pat: I use the 1500 mg oil, the 900 mg SOOTHE roll on salve, the CBD gummies, and the lip balm.

HempX: How often are you taking/using the product?
Pat: I use the oil and the roll on daily at bedtime. When pain is severe, I use it twice daily.

HempX: Are you happy with the results?
Pat: I am very happy. I have less pain at bedtime and sleep better as a result.

HempX: Had you tried any CBD products before HempX?
Pat: Many!

HempX: What did you enjoy most about the HempX product you purchased?
Pat: It works! It is affordable and it is local to NH! Service is prompt and staff are always pleasant.

HempX: Will you continue to use CBD products, and if yes, will you continue with HempX?
Pat: Absolutely yes!!

HempX: Would you recommend HempX products to friends and family?
Pat: Yes I already have and shared my roll on with several family members.

HempX: On a scale of 1 to 5, how many stars would you rate the HempX product(s) you purchased?
Pat: 5+

HempX: Please leave any additional reviews or comments below:
Pat: Thank you for being there! I love your product and will continue to buy and recommend to my family and friends with chronic pain!!!!

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