Raffle at Local Skatepark Fundraiser

HempX Gives Back: Local Fundraiser for Meredith Skatepark

It’s finally warm in the Northeast after a winter that seemed to drag on relentlessly. Coronavirus is slowing down, restrictions are being lifted, and people are starting to get back to normal. In the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, “normal” consists of boating, hiking, concerts, summer camps, biking, and many other outdoor activities. As we know, most outdoor events and venues were canceled and/or closed last year, which makes people even more excited to get back to them than ever! The Meredith Skatepark is a great outdoor place just 15 minutes to the NEW HempX Store. Our team recently helped give back to the community by participating in a fundraiser to update this wonderful skatepark.

About Glenn Hart Memorial Skatepark

The Meredith, NH skatepark has been a staple for kids in and around Meredith since 2003. Over the years, outdoor recreation centers have either become obsolete or there is no one to upkeep the maintenance. After years of use, the original wooden features have deteriorated, leaving somewhat unsafe obstacles. Here is a blurb from the GoFundMe page, “The Glenn Hart Memorial Skatepark in Meredith, NH was built in 2003, honoring Glenn Hart, former co-owner of Hart’s Turkey Farm. Glenn was a community leader and advocate for youth recreation. The skatepark is made of wood and sheet metal, placed on pavement. Over the years the facility has undergone irreparable dilapidation—similar to the decay the Laconia skatepark suffered, which is now closed. So far, without any assistance from the town of Meredith, we’ve raised $33,000. However, a concrete skatepark is a costly affair.”

HempX Gives Back

HempX gives back with Surfside Burger Bar
HempX Gives Back at Local Fundraiser: Live Music and Dancing

Xavier Realty Group and Surfside Burger Bar teamed up to organize a fundraiser in hopes of raising enough money to finish the project. The event took place on Thursday, May 20th at Surfside Burger Bar where local Reggae artist Joe Sambo played music while patrons danced and mingled. Joe Sambo’s new music video, with Law Records, titled “Beef” was released that same day. Surfside promised 10% of all proceeds from Thursday would be donated to the cause and the Xavier Group would match it!

But that’s not all! The Xavier Group organized a huge raffle with a variety of donated prizes from local businesses, including HempX. The HempX donation included apparel, a SOOTHE Roll-On Salve, a CBD Oil Tincture, and a Lip Balm.

HempX Gives Back at Local Fundraiser with the Xavier Group

Other raffle prizes included a brand-new BMX bike donated by Mutt Society, photoshoot sessions, spa days, skateboards, and countless gift baskets from other local shops and breweries. The turnout was unbelievable, and the raffle containers were full. The event raised $10,171.00 for the Hart Family Memorial Skatepark in Meredith. A HUGE contribution to keep the project moving forward. 

HempX Donates to Raffle

It was a pleasure to take part in this fundraiser for an awesome cause. Congratulations to Shawn Sullivan on winning the HempX prize! Thank you, Xavier Realty Group and Surfside Burger Bar, for making it happen!

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