Age: 13

Lover of walks and yummy treats. Double knee surgery left Splash the dog in need of support and pain management!

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    PET 150mg CBD Oil Tincture

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    SOOTHE 900mg CBD Roll-On Salve

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Q+A With Splash the Dog!

Let's see what Splash's owner had to say...

HempX: What made you interested in HempX products? Why were you interested in CBD?
Splash’s Owner: My 13-year-old dog had cruciate ligament tears occur in both knees. Post surgery, I had used all the traditional veterinarian pain management programs successfully for several years, yet suddenly she began slowing down rapidly with age. Having read about CBD for pain management I decided to give it a try!

HempX: What product(s) did you purchase from HempX?
Splash’s Owner: PET 150mg CBD Oil

HempX: How often you are you taking/using the product?
Splash’s Owner: Twice daily in her food

HempX: Are you happy with the results?
Splash’s Owner: Extremely. The decline stopped after about a month of use and she acts like her old self again.

HempX: Had you tried any CBD products before HempX?
Splash’s Owner: No

HempX: What did you enjoy most about the HempX product you purchased?
Splash’s Owner: Being able to walk with my old girl again. Slow maybe, but she’s excited to go!

HempX: Will you continue to use CBD products, and if yes, will you continue with HempX?
Splash’s Owner: Yes, and yes!

HempX: Would you recommend HempX products to friends and family?
Splash’s Owner: I’ve already recommended it to a friend and I started using the roll-on salve for a shoulder impingement problem. Twice daily use of 900mg totally relieved my shoulder after 2 months and now I only use it after extensive activity if needed.

HempX: On a scale of 1 to 5, how many stars would you rate the HempX product(s) you purchased?
Splash’s Owner: 5 stars

HempX: Please leave any additional reviews or comments below:
Splash’s Owner: Please continue to make your products… you have a very very satisfied customer both on service and quality!!

CBD can help with pain relief. Ready to give it a try?

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