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Paul Lanni

Paul Lanni
Age: 53

Paul Lanni is a local mechanic and owner of AutoHaus in Meredith, NH. Paul was considering shoulder surgery until he tried HempX CBD. Paul found relief from strenuous mechanic work and sore joints with our 900mg SOOTHE CBD Roll-On Salve.

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Q+A With Paul Lanni

HempX: Can you give us a briefing of your discomfort and why you wanted to try HempX CBD?
Paul: Meniscus knee surgery, rotator cuff shoulder surgery, and a lower back disk issue.

HempX: Have you tried any CBD products before?
Paul: Yes, I previously had a bad experience with an oral CBD!

HempX: What product did you try from HempX?
Paul: 900mg SOOTHE Roll-On Salve!

HempX: What was your main goal in trying HempX CBD products?
Paul: Pain reduction

HempX: Were you happy with the results?
Paul: Absolutely!

HempX: What did you like most about the HempX product you tried?
Paul: How long the pain relief lasted with one application

HempX: Will you continue to use CBD products, and if yes, will you continue with HempX?
Paul: Yes, and yes!

HempX: Would you recommend these products to friends and family?
Paul: I have already given away two bottles to friends in need

HempX: Anything else you would like to say about HempX?
Paul: “Don’t change the formula!!!”

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