Bioavailability And CBD Explained

Bioavailability is the degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream; in this case, CBD. There are several different methods of taking CBD and each one has a different bioavailability. By now you are either taking CBD or you have at least heard of the miracle compound. CBD is on the rise due to its therapeutic benefits as well as its ability to reduce inflammation. Research is well on its way to discovering the true potential health benefits of CBD. With all the excitement around CBD, and new products coming out all the time, people are often left wondering what the best way is for them to administer it. This is where bioavailability, as well as preference, comes into play. Let’s explore what Bioavailability means when it comes to CBD.

What Does Bioavailability Mean?

To put it simply, the bioavailability rate of a CBD product is the percentage of the compound that gets absorbed into your bloodstream and distributed throughout your body. Understanding bioavailability helps you figure out exactly what dose or product works best for you. The key to remember is that bioavailability of CBD depends heavily on how you administer it. There are many ways to take CBD such as Orally, Sublingually, Topically, and Inhalation, all of which have different bioavailabilities.

Methods of Administration

There are four popular ways to consume CBD — orally, sublingually, inhalation, and topically, all of which have different bioavailabilities. Let’s discuss each option of administration and talk about some of the differences between them.

Oral Consumption:

Oral consumption is exactly what it sounds like. It means consuming CBD by mouth. Some of the popular oral CBD products you will see on the market are capsules, gummies, edibles, and beverages. The benefit of some oral CBD products is the ability to add other beneficial ingredients or supplements to them. The only downside to orally administering CBD is that it has a low bioavailability percentage compared to other methods. This is largely due to the compound having to travel through the digestive system where some of it can be lost. Recent studies have shown the bioavailability of orally administered substances are between 10-20%.

Sublingual Consumption:

Sublingual consumption is similar to oral consumption but with a particularly important difference. Under the tongue, there is a salivary gland known as the sublingual gland. This gland is directly connected to the submental arteries which allows for administration under the tongue to enter the bloodstream much quicker and more effectively. The most common sublingual CBD product is an oil. Tincture oils are the best way to consume sublingually because as you hold the CBD under your tongue it is absorbed through the sublingual gland. This is why the suggested use directions of HempX Tincture Oils recommend that you hold the CBD under your tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. Recent studies show the bioavailability of this method to be between 15-35%, notably higher than oral consumption.


Vape consumption is the act of inhaling CBD directly into the lungs through a vape pen or other device. By entering the lungs directly, the inhaled CBD enters the bloodstream quicker, which delivers its benefits quicker and more effectively. Vaping CBD shows to have the highest bioavailability out of all methods of consumption. Most studies show the bioavailability of vaping to be between 40-56%. Try our HempX CBD Vape Cartridge which is offered in a refreshing mint flavor.

Topical Consumption:

Although most methods of CBD consumption involve entering the body through your mouth, there is another way to get great localized benefits with topicals. Topicals refer to any CBD product that is applied to your skin. Topical products come in many forms such as lotions, roll-ons, salves, patches, and even bath bombs. Since topicals are administered to the skin, a small percentage actually reaches the bloodstream, giving topicals the lowest bioavailability rate. Applying CBD to the skin will not likely benefit deep down issues such as stress or anxiety, but it will target the specific area you apply it to. This makes topicals great for aiding localized inflammation and soreness.

Now that you understand how each method of administration affects the bioavailability of CBD, choosing the right CBD products for you will be easier! Vaping is clearly the fastest and most effective way of administering your CBD because it has the highest bioavailability rate. Sublingual administration is preferred for maximum absorption into the bloodstream. Oral consumption is best for administering CBD along with other healthy supplements. And Topicals are the preferred method for localized inflammation and pain relief. Although these methods have different bioavailability rates, administration is largely based on personal preference and your desired effect of the CBD you are consuming.

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