CBD Dosing for Pets

How To Safely Give CBD To Your Pet

When giving CBD to your pet, it’s extremely important to know the total milligrams (mg) as well as the milligram per serving size of the CBD in the product you are using. All CBD products contain different concentrations and doses. Not every CBD product is the same. Choosing the right CBD product for your pet can be frustrating due to the lack of research, but we hope this short guide will help you. 

First, let’s go over the potential benefits of CBD for your pets. Here is a list of pet health conditions that CBD may aid and relieve:

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Cancer Symptoms
  • Arthritis and Joint Pain
  • Seizures
  • Digestive Problems

The three major factors to guide you with dosing are: 

Potency of the CBD product, weight of your pet, and health problem you’re looking to relieve.

Since research is limited, we suggest consulting your veterinarian before starting your pet on any CBD product. A veterinarian may have advice to share with you specific to your pet. But a safe rule of thumb for dosing pets is 1mg of CBD per 5 pounds. For example, this means a dog that weighing 30 pounds should take 6mg CBD per serving. 

CBD Pet Dosing Guide for Pets
CBD Dosing
Based on HempX 150 mg Pet CBD dropper.

To begin, start with a smaller dose and watch for reactions. If your pet is reacting well then increase the dosage until you find the right formula. Also keep in mind that if you are using CBD for general wellness, not to target specific relief, you may not need to give your pet the entire suggested serving size. But, if you are aiding a specific health issue like joint pain or separation anxiety, you may want to give your pet a bit more than the suggested serving size. CBD is not toxic to mammals and you will not hurt your pet if you give them too much. 

There have been countless positive experiences involving CBD and pets. As more research is being conducted, more information and benefits are coming to light. The AKC Canine Health Foundation is sponsoring a study, through the Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, that will evaluate the use of CBD treatment in epileptic dogs. The foundation says that this will be the first study to gain scientific data on the use of CBD in dogs with this condition. 

Another recent study showed how MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil affects pets having seizures. The MCT oil was well-tolerated and there was a statistically significant improvement in seizure control in dogs supplemented with MCT. This was noted as a reduction in the total number of seizures reported each month and a reduction in the number of days each month in which a seizure occurred. MCT oil supplementation is a valid tool for use in the treatment of canine epilepsy. 

Here are a few tips to remember when searching for a quality CBD product for your pet: 

  • Look for organic, ethically grown material. This will not only provide a higher quality product, but it will also leave less of an impact on our planet.  
  • Be aware when it comes to price shopping. Some cheaper products may come from overseas with lower quality control and less attention to detail. Pay attention to the total milligrams of CBD that is in the product and not solely the price range. 
  • Make sure your retailer always provides you with the latest test results for the material in the products they sell. 
  • Many people say they like using a CBD oil product first (rather than a treat) because it’s easier to figure out the right dose, drop by drop.

Our HempX 150 mg Pet CBD Oil Tincture is made with MCT oil and can easily be given to your pet orally or into their food bowl. HempX Pet Tincture comes in a 1 oz bottle and contains 30 servings. Each full dropper of our Pet Tincture contains 5mg CBD, half full dropper is 2.5mg serving, and 2 droppers full is 10mg dose! For large breed dogs, over 50 pounds, we suggest the recommended twice daily dosing. We strongly believe that HempX CBD products are top of the line and we hope you enjoy the benefits for your beloved pets.

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